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He Guys! so ive developed a new mod called “Grid Machine” Basically all this mod does is adds “Grid Machine” as a platform and you can develop games for it. it is no ordinary console though as the grid machine is powered by the steam store (of course) and if you publish a game for the grid machine it will reach a massive audience!! the bad thing is the it is very costly but its worth it!
~Grid Machine

Change log:
~Changed name to “Grid Machine”
~Updated Image
~added a new release date ( 1y 6m ?) first year 6month dk what week

Download here: Mod!


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The Official Community Mod List

Hey @That516Kid

Welcome to our forums!
Some notable comments;

1: Sendspace also has an ill placed download button which downloads malware. Therefore the use of sendspace is prohibited.
2: The use of the brand name Steam including its images is disallowed. These are registered trademarks and as such please refer to the ingame version of Steam which is known as ‘Grid’ and please create your own artwork for the platforms as you do not own the images.

Please read our modding agreement;

For a good download center i would advise Mega;


oh sorry :frowning: so i cant call it “steam machine”? and i need to change the image to my own?



You need to;

  1. Change the download location to one i suggested or another which contains no ‘gates’ or ‘malware’
  2. Change the name throughout the mod from ‘Steam’ to ‘Grid’
  3. Create your own artwork

I have also edited your listing in the mod list to fall in line with the template.


Fixed it :slight_smile:


Good job :smile:
Please remove the old & now unused steam images and you might want to delete any empty folders.


Could I see a picture of the console? :smiley:


Download the mod :smiley:


lol yeah I have but I haven’t got to it yet