[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


When do you get to do custom prices?


When you’re developing a game click on an empty space in the office/garage and select Custom Price.


It works for me only when I click on the bar where the game is developed.
Just like Marketing


It should work when you click anywhere on the screen (at least it does for me).

I also just got back from my vacation so I can work some more on the multi-topic update. The 2nd topic is also displayed in the game history it just doesn’t get saved yet when you close/start the game.


Im a new user i cant upload pics


Upload it to gyzao, and then send link to it.




Itz all bekoz of @KizzaGaming >:C


People can use what they want, deal with it


Hi, if I don’t like the mass of new topics, is there a way to disable new topics keeping the other stuff working?


No sorry, there is no way of disabeling parts of the mod at the moment.


Nice mod . I really like it … I want to ask
why i always get error when im going to make custom pc ?


What kind of error?


how im going to tell … if only i can provide screenshot


but it is possible ;(


I actually had an idea of making a mod that would allow user to disable certain parts of mods like topics,researches,events and platforms. But I don’t know if people would want a mod like that.

@keron666 Can you please provide me with a screenshot? Otherwise I can’t help you any further


ok… just a moment


I need to reach to a level that i can build my Hardware lab … might take a while




If you could make an application where you selected what you wanted to enable - that would be awesome. I’ll help you if you want :stuck_out_tongue: