[REL] Expansion: NoTypeWriter - 1.2.0 Final

##NoTypeWriterMod Expansion Module##

Tired of those slow and noisy typewriter written text messages in all those notifications?
Did you ever wish that you could simply click and click and click and click through all those notifications more quickly?

With the NoTypeWriter Expansion module you can finally speed up all the notification text messages in the game. When you use this module, you will not see the typewriter noising around in notifications anymore! :slight_smile:

Since version 1.2.0 you can also skip or speed up the conference booth screen(s) at your wish :smile:

####Latest Version####
The latest version is 1.2.0 published on December 25th, 2013.

GitHub Repository

As of Dec. 27th 2013, the development of this module will be discontinued in favour of the Tweak Mod Expansion. See the following topic for more information:


I think your comments are almost as long as the code :stuck_out_tongue: xD


Awesome man,

These are the kind of nice “Does what it needs to do” little mods that imo makes it more fun to play the game multiple times :smiley:


I tested it and its nice since the text shows up instant and you dont have to click and click to make it quick.
Hope in future that it can also be available in convention where number of visits in your booth is much faster.

@SirEverard Ahem…it is :slight_smile: Didn’t want to pack it into InfoStatsMod (didn’t fit in), but also did want to make use of it… so I made an own project out of it, so anyone can integrate it as it wishes. And to be honest… the comments are longer than the code :stuck_out_tongue:

@DzjengisKhan You say it! Simple and does what it says, and really makes a difference in the game (you can’t imagine how happy I was to play without the typewriter effect :))

@apollogorospe I thought about it, but wanted to wait how the reception of the community would be. So basically, yes, you can hope :slight_smile: I’ll take a look into it (btw. I hate to wait at the booth, too!)

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@alphabit are we allowed to implement this expansion module into our own mod projects for Game Dev Tycoon.

Lol stop trying to take other peoples code to make your mod more appealing.
If people want to use his mod then they can install it along side yours.

Work on cleaning up your own code.


@SirEverard that’s because I need stuff to implement for major updates such as 1.8.0 and other major updates. It’s gets boring after a while implementing topics, researches, and events.

So think of some of your own ideas and do them, you don’t have to continually update your mod.

Added to the official mod list;

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First of all, there’s a new update available for download. See the first post of this topic for more information.

This module has been written with the idea in mind that you can use it in combination with every other mod out there. It has been kept focused on its main task: remove the typewriter effect so that you save time whenever you re-play the game. And we mod developer’s know how annoying another typewritten dialog can be :stuck_out_tongue:

What does this all mean?
It means that we should play fair and that means that it is somehow bold to ask to implement this module into another module only for making it more appealing and because one is in need of an update.

I think this module makes more sense to be used on its own, so that anyone can decide by her-/himself to use the feature (this also makes it somehow more modular).

So dear @Venomous, and this is in no way meant personally, I would be happy if you would recommend the module to your users but not use the code inside your mod (btw. does it really make sense to implement a game change feature in a mod which focuses on new platform, events and researches?).


Good Job on the mod mate :slight_smile:

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Thanks @kristof1104, glad you like it :smile:

There’s a new version out now which allows to skip or speed up the conference booth screen.
Now you can play even more faster… dedicated to all hardcore players and mod makers out there :stuck_out_tongue:

… still wishing a merry christmas to you all :wink: