Disable/Speed In-Game Cutscenes? (Referring to GDT Itself)

I’m sorry, I found it hard to search for this sort of thing given the content of the game.

I find the typewriting very slow/annoying and the convention scene very slow. Love the rest of the game, just wish I could see my notifications and move on. Sorry if this has been brought up in the past, but is there any way to create a “streamlined” GDT UI (namely, just pop the notification without typewriter effect and pop GC results?) Edit: Oh! and same for the reviews screen. Display reviews, no fake-random loading.


The Tweak Mod. Its in beta, and you cant download it YET. But it will solve your problem.

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you could wait for the TweakMod to be released, or if you don’t wanna wait you can use the NoTypeWriterMod until then, although the latter will be discontinued as soon as the TweakMod will be released.

I would recommend you wait 1 or 2 days until the first beta release of the TweakMod will be out. It’s up to you to decide :wink:

Thanks guys!

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