[REL] Custom Computer



Decided to learn a little bit about modding GDT. This is my first mod, and it allows you to create your own custom computers in the hardware lab.


  • Custom Operating System
  • Custom CPU
  • Custom Motherboard
  • Custom GPU
  • Custom RAM
  • Custom Storage
  • Custom Power Supply


You may download it from the steam workshop by following the link below



  • v.1.0.6 (7/23/2015)
  • Fixed a bug that made the game crash when finishing the computer.
  • v1.0.5 (7/19/2015)
  • Added custom Power Supplies
  • Removed 128GB RAM
  • Modified the SSD Sizes
  • Added 1TB SSD
  • v1.0.4 (7/18/2015)
  • Added custom motherboards
  • v1.0.3 (7/17/2015)
  • Added 2 new variants for the case
  • Tweaked GPU prices
  • Added/Removed a few oVidia GPU’s
  • Added/Removed a few DTI Radeon GPU’s
  • v1.0.2 (7/17/2015)
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Tweaked Operating System prices
  • v1.0.1 (7/17/2015)
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • v1.0.0 (7/17/2015)
  • Initial Release


First real mod (not made with UME) to be released in a while… gonna check this out soon :wink:
Good job, I can tell just from the picks that you put a lot of effort into it


Hmm… Looks cool. I’m downloading it! :slight_smile:


@Jediwolf - Thanks for the comments on it, and yes I did work pretty hard on it, and I’m no where near done with the full mod. I got many more features planned for it eventually. Also open to suggestions!

@Lukas_Schuurman - Thanks for the comments, and thanks for checking it out! Hope you really like it. If you have problems with it you can post on the Steam Workshop page, or on here and I’ll be willing to help in any way. Also like I said above, I’m open to suggestions for more features!


Isn’t this just a reskin of DzjengisKhan’s exp pack?


Very cool. Nice to see something new that was made correctly.


I would possibly change the range of GPUs to select from, but apart from that, this seems to be a nice mod :smile:


@Haxor not necessarily. It could just be a reskin of his computer part, not the entire pack - but for me, what it looks like is more leaning towards a reskin of the consoles and then some added features. I doubt this is a reskin of the exp pack just because it adds computers, like the exp pack did.


Yes. That’s what I mean, it adds only the custom PC part.


Reskin… But i love it…


Yes finally a mod that isn’t made in UME!

Looks liked ripped The Expansion Pack Mod


This isn’t ripped from The Expansion Pack Mod.

He describe’s he want’s to LEARN about modding in GDT

He also says: “This is my first mod” Maybe he didn’t even knew about the CustomPC in “The Expansion Pack Mod”

I don’t think this is a ripoff, just a normal mod :wink:


I said look liked ripped because its looked the same

But kudos to OP for reviving The GDT Modding Crash of 2015.


I do not know anything about this “Expansion Mod” so this is not a rip of anything.

If this feature is in another mod, I had no idea it was, I thought this was a cool idea, so I went ahead and did it.

Thank you all for your awesome replies, and I hope to make more mods, or expand this mod into something bigger and better.




Looks really good. I’ll install it in a bit to try it out.


I can not download this mod on Steam, someone could send me the updated version of this mod to this mail, thank you.

Email: jjkbrasfoot@gmail.com


What’s wrong?


Hai, I downloaded this mod, but i don’t know how to make it work, any ideas?? Pliz Halp!


For us that don’t use Steam (of privacy reasons), can you please give us a download link? Cheers! :slight_smile: