Refugee Crisis Charity Sale

Topic for discussions of our Refugee Charity Sale.


Patrick at his coolest :sunglasses:


Sale is now live!

I’ll spread word when I can!


all hail greenheart games

I already own the game but I’ll be darned if I don’t buy another copy.

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I got to play your outstanding game with the copy from my older brother, I’ve already done it some times at different times, and I always felt bad about it, I love to help small companies such as you but I never got to buy your game, I spent countless money on other way less worthy companies and I’d love to help you out this time, finally. The thing is that I really want you to keep some of the profit as I absolutely believe that you deserve it totally… I’m going to buy a copy immediately and another one on October 11th, and I’ll like to raffle that extra copy somewhere, anyone knows where can I do that? :smile:

PD: Seriously, thank you so much for your game, I enjoyed dozens of hours playing it, and even thought it development has finished, I’m looking forward to Game #2 on the future ^^ Seriously,I loved your humor on GDT and I hope that the hard work payed off somehow. I hope you the best of lucks for the next one! Thanks!

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Thanks so much for buying our game. It’s only because of paying players that we will be able to bring you another game in the future! - Don’t worry about it being part of the charity. We did the charity sale because we wanted to help in this crisis so we are happy if your purchase goes to charity. If you want to support us directly then you will definitely have the chance in the future again and of course we won’t say no to you buying a second copy but I just wanted to say that we are happy as long as you buy a copy when you enjoy the game :wink: