Recreate Bubble-Reward effect!


Dear Greenheart fans and devs,

First thank you for making this great game!
I played it quite a lot and loved the reward effect during the game creation when receiving “bubble-skillpoints”.
Now I am thinking of creating something similar myself in a webfashion (javascript, html, css …)

However I am not sure where to start with and how this could be created (WebGL? SVG? …)
So I thought the creators must know best! It would be amazing if you could help me with information or links to similar attempts of web animation (examples).

By the way I do not try to copy it for another game, it is supposed to be a motivational approach for kids on a learning platform!

Kind regards


In GDT, the point animations are all done with tweenjs and canvas but I would do it differently today.

Let me point you to this animation library that will change your life:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: