Realistic Platforms Reborn [new post]


Hello my fellow greenheart-ers. A lot of you will remember the old Blairetian’s mod called Realistic Platforms. A very small minority of you will remember my old post explaining that I took the control over the Realistic Platforms mod. 2 of you will remember my HDD died so I discontinued the mod for a while. Well, I’m now sporting a better setup, which will hopefully allow me to work on this beast of a mod a little bit easier.

So, what should you anticipate?

Well, first off, I won’t be adding any new platforms for the time being. First I need to adjust the sales and stuff of every IN GAME CONSOLE.

This means that I won’t just add 50 platforms that will have huge balancing issues and won’t work at all with the in-game platforms.

Second off, don’t quote me on this “Rebirth of the Rebirth of the Discontinued Realistic Platforms” thing. As Blairetian stated in our private messages, his code was a “Broken Mess” that will take some time to polish.

Now, I know that this is not really needed in the GDT community as we’ll have a new game in only TWO YEARS. But I’ll do it because all I do these days is sit around waiting for the impending doom that will strike our planet.

Anyway, back to the mod. The download link doesn’t exist yet, and won’t exist for some time.

If anyone wants to help me with researching all the individual platforms that will eventually enter this mod, contact me over the forum because I’m too lazy to keep my Gmail open.

Cya guys



Hopefully this mod can actually get back off the ground. Loved the current incarnation that seems to be dead atm.


As I have said this to many others, please don’t include platforms that aren’t needed like the action max, 2ds (which just plays 3ds games) and slim consoles.

Other than that, good luck


Yeah, I had fun with this idea for a bit, but recently I started developing my own game. So I don’t think this mod will come to life. Maybe some day, if I have the time, I’ll finish what I started, but don’t count on it