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Loved the game, beat it multiple times. Does anyone know what engine Greenheart games used to make Game Dev Tycoon?

I don’t remember exactly, but I believe they used parts from node-webkit.

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node-webkit as apljee said
but i also know that node-webkit is like a browser and it uses html :o

oh yeah, you can ask developers

@PatrickKlug, @DanielKlug, @Charlie (?)

And yes, it does use Node-Webkit.

HTML & Javascript(with node.js, i assume). The .exe file is a form of Chromium running it…

Thank you for your interest in Game Dev Tycoon. The game was created using javascript and HTML5.
Daniel and Patrick each have many years of c++ and c# knowledge.

They chose to use javascript and HTML5 because at the time they started no one knew in which direction Microsoft will go in future (Win 8) and it looked like HTML5.

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I’m not sure, but I assume they used components from node-webkit.