[ques] HELP game breaking glitch (mods my be involved)

i recently installed lots of mods on the intent of playing a modded playthrough but when i finished my first game the sell count was literally 0, my guess is i overloaded my game with mods but when i reinstall my game the glich is still there

Did it instantly just finish the sales, and say something like this?

“Game name’s sales were finished. It was on the market for 0 weeks, and you made a total of $0 off of it.”

This is from the expansion pack there is a fix in the OP just go look at the expansion pack.

yes it said exactly that

OP? im sry i havent had much experience with mods

It is forum terms it means Original Post. You can find the post here: [REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

It is at the very bottom of the post.

It’s from Dzjengiskhan’s expansion pack mod. I only get that error when working with his mod.

I had it to,
you just need to set a default game price,
you see it when you click on the screen
every time you start a new game you should do this
(also do it whan your game is not yet finished)

I hope you get my complicated sentences

this is what the mod maker said on his topic:


There is one bug left in the custom prices. When you start a new game always set a price. You can do this by clicking on the screen while developing a game and select the Set Price option. If you don’t do this it will result in 0 sales of your game!

ok thanks i fiugured it out

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