Purchase problems

I tried purchasing the game using the buy now button which seems to be an itch,io service, im not entirely sure though. anyways the problem i encountered is that it charged my account 10.99 even though it said zipcode verification failed. so it charged my account twice (once for the full price and another time for a dollar) without me receiving an email for the download or steamkey. im kind of frustrated because of this. I have sent an email to itch.io support already

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Sorry to hear that. We use itch.io as the payment and delivery platform for our refugee crisis sale:


We haven’t used itch.io before this, so please let us know if the problem gets resolved. You could also contact support@greenheartgames.com with your order details so we can verify what’s happening, though I don’t think that we can directly give a refund.

You should be able to claim your steam key from the same page that serves your download links.

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Thankfully Itch.io has fixed it and in a speedy manner. but thank you for the speedy response! it’s great to ee such good customer service.