Possible concerns - Plagiarism of GDT in a new game on steam


Hi, there’s a new game on steam called “Series Makers” on Steam that looks to me allegedly as if it has copied fairly outright your art elements, or more. Is it something worth chasing up?

What do you think?


Kill them, burn them or just remove them from steam forever


This is definitely plagiarism they dont give credit for art styles
Also if you look at the middle left they have same price charts.
Top left you have the Topic/Type of thing.
And basically same office layout.


This is bad. We need to take action on this. This is obviously Copyright infringement. They took our game art, play and, the level styles from Game Dev Tycoon and put them into their “Series Makers”. Not only did they do that, but they also took out GDT logo slapped it on their cover for the game and photoshopped their logo on to our backdrop! They took our play style by using basically the same slider method that we did, Using the same money distribution system (Bar Graph when you Publish a game for money and the money gained and lost in the top right.). They took our leveling system by when you complete a game you see different components and how they level up by how much. They literally did that same exact thing with no differences. This is all i could think of legally. This is could be bad for us because then we have people using our stuff without our consent!!!@PatrickKlug @SirEverard


Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll investigate.

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