Portuguese (pt-pt) Translation


Hello. I just bought the game and I’m very eager on playing it. Since I must be one of the few from Portugal here, I would love to start a translation to my mother tongue. As some of you know, pt-pt and pt-br are somewhat different languages, and it would be very good to have the game supporting both. No disrespect intended towards our Brazilian counterparts!

I can be a moderator of the translation program and add a lot of lines, maybe translate the game solo if nobody else wants to join. To my defense I must add more than 10 years of English classes and everyday contact with English speaking people, as I’m a musician who needs to be in permanent contact with lots of people.

Cheers and please answer my request!


Hey, I am portuguese too and I have known english since I was 4 years old thanks to my sister, so if you would allow I could be the second moderator needed for this.
Thank you, and please reply <3


I guess that makes 3 of us :smiley:


I i’m also Portuguese. If this translation is going forward make me now how can I help, I will like to make part of the Portuguese - Portugal translation team! :smile:


I am Brazilian and i want make part of the PT-PT or PT-BR translation! :smiley:


I’m Portuguese too and can help, my English is great. Is there any progress towards this?


Please Portuguese translation -


Portuguese from Portugal here too! me understand english very well! :smiley:


me too! i wanna help!


Good news! I think I’ve managed to convince a friend to do the PT-pt translation, It’s good news because she’s a professional translator. (And a really good one by the way)


@PatrickKlug I think we have enough people to get this thing started. How do we propose moderators?


Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?
Do you have at least 2 moderators with previous experience?


I’m sorry, I accidentally posted on PT-PT a post PT-BR en already made the correction, putting the post in the correct location, sorry!!!


I have experience on Translating PT-ENG
I have translating Document´s in Portugal :smiley:

Any thing just contact me !
I´m available also on steam : Migz_DK


Will the PT-PT translation be done? I want to know, please.



Currently we do not have a PT-PT translation in progress as no one has come forward since the update. We do have a PT-BR translation if you would like to try that?


No we want pure portuguese! you get that joke because pt-pt :slight_smile:


How can i use it? I already have the PT-BR.mo file. Where I have to put it?


You need to use the Steam edition of Game Dev Tycoon and use the Windows OS

This is how it will work;
-Restart your steam client.
-Right click on Game Dev Tycoon in your steam library.
-Go to properties, beta’s, select your language
-After that select the RUas beta build. Your game should get updated after that.

Please start a new game to test otherwise some strings may remain in English.


I can help with the translation to Portuguese (or do it by my own if needed). I use English every day, I have an FCE certificate in English, and I’m also a translator on the CyanogenMod ROM.