PlusNetwork Is Soo annoying

Whenever i type something in google.
It just goes to PlusNetwork for 30 sec.
I was like.


Uninstall the browser itself.

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What tf is PlusNetwork lmao

  1. Uninstall a program -> search for potentially unwanted programs (that you haven’t installed).
  2. Check if you don’t have installed any unwanted addons/extensions.
  3. Try AdwCleaner (free of course).
  4. (Optional) You can also try resetting your browser to the default settings and reinstalling it.
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I know how you felt :pensive:

One time before i freshly Installed Windows 10 Pro.

I always get a site on Chrome " "

You can follow the steps below:
1.Start >> Control Panel >> Uninstall program >> Uninstall Suspicious programs
2. Unisntall extensions: eg. pen your Google Chrome browser >> type chrome: //extensions/ in the URL address bar and press Enter >> remove suspicious extensions.
3. Clean registry entries: open registry editor and search for Plustnetwork. Here is a blog that provides more information.