Photoshop Online Tool

This might be off-topic, but Photoshop is used to make game-related stuff, so… close enough?

Anyways, this Photoshop-esque online tool I found is pretty good if you consider that it is just online for free.

"can’t argue with that logic"
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Under “File.”

Lags a lot, still prefer PS and if u can’t have PS for some reason then just gimp, or whatever is there.

I’ve done this thing with pixlr.

Your post seems to be irrelevant to the topic at hand, which is about “Photoshop Online Tool”. Please refrain from derailing the thread. Thank you. :wink:

It lags a lot for me and my craptop, so I’ll just stick to Flash.

Seems neat enough, though. It could be pretty useful if you happen to not have a craptop.

no dud…