Perfect 10 Rating


I’ve yet to score a perfect 10 myself, but wanted to ask those of you that have…

Is there a significant difference in sales between 9.75 and perfect 10?

And just for curiosity’s sake… What topic/genre combo, techs, slider positions did you use?


I have been writing a guide on how to accomplish this. Going to post it soon.


9+ usualy give you 5-10M with small games at garage early year
10 will give 15-25M

Its all depend on bubble algorithm


Well, one of my racing games got a high bubble thingy, and a perfect 10…sold nearly 100k in my first 2 years, I was impressed.


I scored it one time, but I guess its very very very rare. You need to get a very specific balance between the sliders to get that.


Simple, Racing games…no dialogues or stories. Just mostly gameplay and sound. and you get perfect 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


I managed a perfect 10 with an MMO. Custom engine so nothing had to be left out that could drop me points, team of 7 specialists all trained to over 800 skill in their chosen field (Design or Tech), level three boosts, Specialised into either Tech or Design and all with over 500 in speed. I’d made my fortune over 42 years by making RPG’s and, being the unoriginal sod that I am, World of Warcraft the Fantasy/Casual-RPG AAA MMO on MMO Engine #3 went on to last 6 years, two expansions, 105 million sales making 1.8 billion pounds. Around 500 million or so was spent in costs to maintain it, and it paid for me to release my own console and finish all the advanced R&D spending 2 million a month on research.

The best way I’ve found of making high scoring games is to create a very tight and specifically focussed engine that leaves nothing out, then make three to four games with the sliders set that same just with different topics. So I’ll make in a five year period “Bobdurs Gate - Fantasy - RPG - Everyone - PC”, “Pokeymons (Colour) - Fantasy - Virtual Pet/RPG - Young - Handeheld”, “Falldown - Post Apoc - RPG/Simulation - Mature - PC”. With an MMO running in the background and a console on sale, knocking out an expansion every time the maintenance of an MMO start overwhelming the income, I’m making around 300 million a year profit.


so… , you name every single game you released?
i stop naming after 40+ game…


Of course I do, though many of those games are Sequels like ‘Bobdurs Gate 13’ lol.


I started naming after Game #53 :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha. I don’t create new engines, but instead, I just take out things that wouldn’t be needed on a game, such as Better Diologues on a Racing game.


To get a straight 10 rating, you need at least 2 experts (Graphics, AI, etc.) set to important sliders for your chosen genre. That, and a good game that can achieve a 10. It’s still not guaranteed, though. I’ve had a number of games that qualified for 10/10 and only got 9.75/10. The chance for that is fairly high, because every reviewer has a 25% chance to go for 9 instead of 10 (the chance to get 10/10 even if the game qualifies is only a little over 30%).

Forget all that stuff about specific slider settings, etc. posters above claimed, the only requirement for getting a 10 rather than 9.75 are the two experts.


Yeah, what Alpaca said, the first time I got a perfect 10 was at the start of level 2 I think, thats because I had more than 1 person on the team, but it was really easy to get 9-9.5 ratings.


I put all sliders on max. It works well. My perfect 10 happened with a fantasy/rpg/adventure/for youngs/in a gameling or gs.


How the :L So hard to get perfect 10s with different genres, thats the fun of the game though. But when you have multiple team mates, putting all sliders fully can do more harm to your team so I tend not to do that when with a team :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally nailed my perfect 10!!! Many turns, many new companies and lots of research.

Game was Martial Arts, Action/RPG, Playsystem, everyone and netted 196m profit. Rated 1, 132,000 fans,

A subsequent sequel, aptly named Kung Fu Fighter II netted 311m profit and was released with same details but on my new engine and my own console, “Firefox”. Rated 1, 175,000 fans

The 3rd sequel KFF 3 netted 153m profit on my “Cube”. Rated 35, 285,000 fans.

EDIT: I tried uploading image but it won’t let me as a new user. Sorry.


Don’t make me tell you how many First Fantasy sequels i’ve made…


I made two clean 10 games. One as an expansion and one normal game. I also got an 11/10 once. When I got the first clean 10 I had about three specialists and I had good management etc. Train your team and specialise employees.


I made my first 10 game in the garage somehow. It was just a game meant to level up my graphics and I named it Loli Fail, but in the end it made all tens and now it is my desktop wallpaper. My second was in the third office with only three people and no specialists. This was done in the same file, same day, same confusion as to how it happened.


You dont need any experts to get a perfect 10. I got it on Year 5 whilst still in the garage. It was a government/strategy game


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