Pc advise suggestions

hey guys its me the guy that hasnt been online for half a year.
im looking to buy a pc (custom built of course you plebs)
uhm so yeah give me some advise on what i have currently
budget’s around uh 600 euros and it wont be too bad to go over a bit.
ill list prices for a perspective

Ryzen 2600X (€229,-)
HyperX 8GB DDR4-3000 (€78,90)
GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 (€76,90)
GIGABYTE Radeon RX 560 OC 4G (€145)
Samsung 970 EVO 250 GB (€78,90)
Sharkoon AM5 Window (€44,90)
be quiet! System Power B9 450W (€42,90)
TP-Link TL-WN821N (€10,90)

TOTAL: €707,4
notes: i wanted to get a ryzen 5 2600 but it isnt sold anymore, ssd could be a bit cheaper.

thanks for the advice
if you want to send me a message and actually have me reply my discord tag is Quadro#8625

Gotcha covered this should be really good look on amazon thats where i got this from!

Note you will have to put this together sorry! or you could buy it ship it to me and i’ll build it promise ill send it back!!
Also for fortnite(Yes im using the computer i posted right now) everything on medium 1080p
abiut 90-110 fps turn off shadows about 160-190fps!

Thanks for the suggestion!
you did forget the motherboard
I really want to get a Ryzen and the ram is just to slow for it.
Also, I want to get a SSD first, and a big HDD later.
Stock cooler should be good imo.
Thanks for the advice anyways!

here it is

dont buy though it might fit.