Overwatch... Anyone else waiting?

I’m curious how many other people here are waiting for Overwatch, because Overwatch Withdrawal Syndrome is intensifying :sweat: .
Now playing other games just feel boring. I tried playing the games I play before I tried the beta, I tried playing my older games to get some nostalgic feeling, but they weren’t enough to distract me from Overwatch. I tried to watch Overwatch vids on YouTube, but it only made my Withdrawal stronger :frowning: .
Surely, I can’t be the only one who has this, right?

Any ideas on things to do while I wait?
(I already drew Mercy twice (Because fav hero) and Genji as a distraction) (Each drawing was about 4 hours)

It looks like another fps with a ‘special’ twist to it imo

I’m waiting, but no withdrawal - I was too lazy to get into the beta.

my brother is begging my parents for 60$ to get the full release of Overwatch.


What do people have with shooters that cost 60$ these days x|