[OUTDATED] :( Govodore Expansion Pack! [EN, TR, FR]


Wow, this is old… 3 years… OMG.


Since when was the difference between June 2014 and April 2016 3 years…?


no it’s not, even if it would be no one gives a shot mate.


even if it was, there is no reason to put it as a reply… it’s totally useless and helps nobody in any way, shape or form.


I use UME and it still works…


The post is quite outdated. I don’t intend to continue any of my mods since the game, and the community is dead. Imagine you’re trying to make a mod for Pokemon GO, no one plays that anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of UME, it is not that good anyway, you can do what it does not needing UltimateLib using Notepad (Notepad++ in my case) not knowing anything about JS or JQuery coding. I was pissed they didn’t develop Complex Events and stuff. UME was never complete. And it will stay incomplete. But you do you.


I mean i only like UME cause i can easily add thing cause i only know how to make a popup in js. But if you want to see a mod i made with it i have two. ONe for me and another i made for someone on the forum:my mod:https://mega.nz/#!uDJmQAwa!YtxkpHfisZ59siQMi3Yo7Bjo8fbFUrO-Jysl56WscZc
the mod for someone else its a mattel mod:https://mega.nz/#F!TfJCiYKI!4FWqZCFmVx8RwgOFln5pIA