Opinions about G2A?


I just have found link to this shop because I want to buy a Overwatch pre-order. The price seems to be really nice but I wonder if anyone have bought there?

G2A is awesome! just one thing, Do not buy their steam keys

We had to pull our game from the itch.io store, simply because of the number of people who bought the game with stolen credit cards in order to obtain a Steam key which they would then resell on sites like g2a.com

I would never buy on g2a.com - they actively encourage the resale of Steam keys which are simply not meant for sale and this actively hurts developers.

Some people sell used Steam keys and the G2A shield will not do anything most of the time. And I wouldn’t know what they are going to do with your credit card information so I don’t trust them.

Just to pitch in on this matter, I recently read a couple of articles about them when a friend of mine asked me if I knew if G2A was reliable.

The first one is from Polygon and the other is from Destructoid. If you do have to wonder exactly why the price is so low compared to buying directly from the developers, then you know something is fishy.

If you love the game, support who created it by buying it directly from them, so they can keep making cool stuff!