One serious problem with this game


It seems like there’s a serious range in the average review score your game can get. I had to be sure though, so I tested it. I made a new company, and saved at the start. I repeated the process of making a sports action game with the exact same focuses, features, and even name. I would load the game back to the start and do it all over again. I repeated this process a few times. I got different results every time, the average review scores for this game have ranged from a 5.75 all the way to an 8. I assume it’s the differences in the design and technology points that made the scores different, but why is it random? This is not a good thing.


if you keep doing the same game over and over again, your score will be bad, you need to avoid doing the same game 2 year after it’s out


Wow dude, I thought I explained myself clearly enough to prevent this kind of reply. Jesus…


the main issue will be the reload, because it is not reloading realy sure you are back to the “basics” but there is a random event going on to prevent this kind of “grind”. for example publisher deals - you pick a topic make a flop and reload just where you select the publisher deal - want to select the same one - its not there, Same here, if reloading the “invisible” strong demand is shoven and the game knows what you tried before :slight_smile:


This is how the game is designed. Your little guy has a random chance of producing 0, 1 or 2 design or tech bubbles per “tick” at the start.

Since it’s your first game, these random variances make a big difference to the overall score.

As you get higher and higher scores, the randomness kind of averages out. Although you do get the chance for really big bubbles after you start to level up, they just get absorbed into the average bubble level…


In the garage phase, your game scores are based for the most part arbitrarily against other ‘mock scores’ from virtual companies/games. This changes as time goes on, and when you get to phase 2, your scores are based off your own games. Phase one works by getting you situated with good/bad game combos, and how everything works. It’s pretty scripted of when you move onto stage 2, from my experience ALWAYS with a Gameling game. If you’re going to test this, do it in phase 2. Although, you’d still be only testing against your previous scores/quality of games.