Old login not working anymore?

i am letsdance. my last post using that login is from dec 2013. none of my usual passwords work on that account. in “i forgot my password” i can ask for a reset, but i don’t receive an email on any of my email accounts. if i enter my email adress there, none of them are recognised. is there any way to get my old account back?

We don’t see any issues on our system. Unfortunately due to security reasons we cannot help you recovering an account if you no longer have access to the email you used to sign up with it.

the problem ist that i don’t know which email i used to sign up =)

@PatrickKlug I think that @letsdance0 means that she/he knows all the passwords and names of his/her E-mail accounts, but doesn’t know what E-mail account she/he used :wink:

i actually think the email adress stored here is somehow wrong because i checked all the (4) emails accounts that i have used since then. even the company email. maybe i forgot one. but it’s not that important =)