[Notice]: iXMODS - In Brief

Hello everyone, today I am announcing that I am making a mod .

It will add .

Over 60 Topics

40 Research

8 Platforms

7 Events ( Separate events are not including )

WebSite = Chief event this time for us to have our site ?

Game Price

BGS = Brazil Game Show Event

Christmas Event = Customize your games with special items released in the month of December until January.

Of Easter = Customize your game with special items released in the month of April until May event.

R&D Labs :

Graphics HD V1

HD Graphics V2

V3 HD Graphics

V4 HD Graphics

V5 HD Graphics

Graphics HD V6

V7 HD Graphics

Create Operating System

Hardware Labs :

develop Mobile

Develop or Notebook Computer

Develop Motherboard

Develop Video Card

develop Processor

develop Control

More Styles Consoles

Not Sure I’ll add genres , I’m studying to create the Script

Genre :


Release between 16-20 January

More ideas put nbos comments .


I hope you didn’t get that from the Expansion Pack Mod but made it yourself. You know what happened to Venomous.

Same story.

What happened to the Venomous?

There was a rumor going around that I was a code thief. @TMBrazukas

Some people have same mods as others. They don’t mean to steal from them it’s their idea…I believe that most of them have same idea…

A rumor? It is real, every little bit of it. Don’t try to work around it, it’s real and you know it.

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No, Venomous stole code from other mods over 5 times without permission. It’s not about the ideas, people can have the same stuff in their mod as other mods but you have to have made it yourself or have gotten permission to use it from the original creator otherwise it’s stealing and that’s where the whole discussion was going about. Then Venomous got some (in my opinion, very deserved) hate and now he stopped working on his mod. ^^

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Nor will I make Game Price after al I roll iron

You made it yourself? If yes, it’s good. You took the code from Expansion Pack Mod? If yes, you’re not allowed to distribute your mod. :wink:

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Wheres The Mod?|

talking about website mods, @solal2003’s mod is not working.

somebody needs to make a working FINISHED COMPLETED Version. not some ERROR OMG i cant get it to work.

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2 days late! lol

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i don’t have any error, me!

heres Fixed Website Mod BCVuazy Fixed