Non mmo's to be left on the market mod?


Can someone make this happen?


What does this mean exactly?


I think he’s asking if someone will make it so that games will stay on the market indefinitely.


Ah, I see, but to be honest, it wouldn’t work well, unless sales start to slow down a lot more and then end after a while, I mean SNES games don’t stay officially sold forever.


It would be good to make a “completely online” game and it would stay on the market forever but it would be vulnerable to hackers, server downs and scammers but it would slow down overtime and will eventually get shutdown if there are no funds in the server (no one buys dlcs or supports etc)


Server downs? Servers require maintenance, so in terms of the very basic game mechanics of Game Dev Tycoon, it wouldn’t be any different to an MMO.

How is what you’ve described any different to the current MMO?