New topic, Sandbox!

What about a Sandbox topic? It’s a really needed one.

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SuperConsoles Mod :3

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I know, I know, but why if it is in the original game? I’m trying to ‘disconnect’ myself from the mods a bit.

Meaning, I won’t play with mods for a while

Beg for this to (for example) @PatrickKlug

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And how do I do that? Sound stupid and a beggar?

Just type:
I beg You to add “Sandbox” topic to GameDevTycoon, master.

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Being able to make a console from the beginning would be fun. Or is there already a mod for that? I haven’t played the game or even visited the forum in so long, I don’t even know…

You mean to create an Hardware company, and compete with NES/Oasis? (And then with PS 5 and mBox Next of course)

Can I talk to you a bit? Can you sign in in Steam? I’m talking to Haxor

I made it in my mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but I dont need any mods. Would be cool if it was in the game. D:

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Well you cant have everything :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your mod, anyway?

You replied to it already! :stuck_out_tongue: Want to help Code/Design it?

I know I just did

@Haxor Yes, exactly. I want to play as a hardware company making first-party games (and maybe deciding what third-party games get published). I’ll have to dig through the mod forum and see if that exists, if I ever borrow mom’s laptop to play GDT again.

Sandbox is in my mod

I don’t need any mods. I mentioned it above.

You can use CheatMod, Create a game, move to final level and hax some moneh, Then make moar games for moar technology. Thought it’s a bit cheaty,