New to GDT, glad I found it


He so I just found the game over the weekend and have enjoyed it. Lots of helpful tips in the FAQ which is what led me to the forums here. I wanted to make a suggestion for a future version if/when you ever get around to it (I did read you are working on a new game so that’s awesome) and that GDT would not be your next game (perfectly fine…right? LOL).

Anyway, I’ve gotten to like the third phase of the game with Large Games in the big office and have about 180M so finally got past the second office hurdle.

Anyway, I was thinking if you allowed customization at the setup for say, specific genres and/or topics to have a specialty shop of sorts would be neat. I think it could be cool to have a small sports game with a focus on Text Based games that would mirror some of my favorite indy companies would be really neat. Seems to me that having to push for a 2M unit game every release is pretty rough and even huge companies don’t always have a Skyrim or Fallout 4 on ten releases in a row. Anyway, my two cents. Looking forward to the next game and seeing how far I can push this.

PS: I think some built in limits like I mention could help with replayability as well, I am wondering about that now as I’ve got some progression.


180 million in a few days, hahaha, thats damn right, thats how much you gotta play


de hecho creo que deberian agregar un modo multijugador oficial y un modo competidor etc