New Game Idea: A sequel to GDT but with a twist!

Hello Everybody!
I have had Game Dev Tycoon for not very long, but have played it for many hours. I love the idea of the game itself, and the gameplay of course. However there was but one thing I thought it was lacking, ( I wouldn’t expect any start up company to be able to add this though, because it is challenging I’d assume, ) that when you are making the game, you can actually go into it, and you can develop certain things EXACTLY how you want it to look. Say for instance, you were making a Racing/Simulation game, ( just for exp. ) you’d have to choose all your things then you’d start to make your game in the current Game Dev Tycoon. In the game Idea that I have, when you’d click the " Create " button, you’d get some options, then you’d be transported into a little, I guess you could say creator simulator. Since it’s racing, it’d be more specific, so you COULD customize how you want the cars to look, the audio, and you could make the game EXACTLY how you could want it to look. Which is the only thing I think Game Dev Tycoon lacks. As I said before, I would never expect a start-up company to be able to achieve that, as that’d be a very expensive process. That is just one topic though. Say on a Military/Action game you could customize your guns for the " Fans " and the world to play with ( in game of course. ) All in all, Greenheart Games, Very good job and game with Game Dev Tycoon, and this is just an idea, but if it could be put into a real game, I’d buy it instantly. It adds a little more spice to the game, where as Game Dev Tycoon kind of repeats making the same game, sort of. For a game name however, I’m no good with naming things ( well, that can depend, ) but I was thinking having the title related to Game Dev Tycoon, something that is similar to the first game. :star2:

Thanks for just reading this everyone, and sorry for the long paragraph explaining everything.
- Greenheart Games Fan ( CatGodd ) :relaxed:

I believe Greenheart Games has already mentioned doing GDT 2.

I’m not sure if they have cause I’ve only been on the forum minimal hours but it’s just an idea, but thanks for the update, :slight_smile: .

THAT would be a lot of work for just one game in-game, especially if your mind is full of so many ideas.

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That’s true, it would take 10-30 mins to create a weapon and/or car.

What if with specific combinations (dungeon + rpg, sci-fi + action etc) it gave you a playable demo that reflected how the tech used affected the game?

A more involved game testing phase would be nice. The “Bugs” counter just doesn’t do it for me. Something like testing the game with different settings and on different computers and consoles and how those variables and benchmarks affect the game’s performance. Correctly balancing these variables would be the key.

omg what if it had a mini game like space invaders called bug busters where you blast the bugs out

i shouldnt do game design tbh

You can say that again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

pixel tower
coughs yet again

wait really that would suck i like the simpleness of the game i dont wanna make a game inside a game iwould make a game IRL and then make some money too!

Yes I know WaveJones, and as I stated in my little post, I recognized that’d be a ton of work, and I said as a start up company for them that’d be really hard… But as somebody else in the comments said you could make mini demos. That’s what I was aiming for, I mean, to also be able to design the whole game yourself would be even harder, but could add some fun, and that’d be optional to do that.

I agree, It’d be really nice to have a spin, I mean, without the bugs the game would be even more simpler, still nice, but even more simpler. But as somebody else said " mini demos " that’s what I’m aiming for, or trying to say. It’s optional to do that, and you can get better ratings ( in game for your game ) or it could affect it. But just having that extra, cool funky work I think really would bust the game up, and get even better ratings than it does have :slight_smile:

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Social media, more of a penalty if you make bad games, 3D graphics, all these things I want in the next GDT.


I came up with a idea which green heart games could do

So somebody(which has money)could send you a letter to put something in for them(movies and events are an example)and as your game sells they will give you some money(becuse its pretty much a ad)that green heart could do

and yes i would love ports

It’s called “Product Placement.” :wink:

That’s a nice idea, but there should be a penalty like loss of fans and/or sales. No gamer likes ads in his/her game.

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Dave Johnson’s Red Barrels, anyone?

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Kek Johnson :sunglasses:

Top Johnson

Johnson Cena :sunglasses: