New EULA and Modding Agreement for Game Dev Tycoon - free to adapt for your own projects

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So, you’re saying that mod support for non-steam users is up now?

nevermind, read the modding section

New EULA and Mod support with 1.4.5 coming soon!

Wait a sec, i just broke the website. :open_mouth:

Lol /facepalm


Umm. I’m having issues opening the game. I paid for the game, so it shouldn’t be because of pirating. I have a windows 8, so when I go into the menu to open it up, I can see the loading screen and, for a split second, it showed the name of my company, and shut down. Does anyone know why? Does it have something to do with the update?

Are you using the Steam edition of the game? or the Windows 8 Store edition?
Have you tried reinstalling and starting a new game by quickly right clicking (On windows 8) or hitting the Escape key on other editions and selecting new game>

I use the one I got from the greenheart website, so I’m assuming the Windows 8 store edition. I just reinstalled and it worked. So thanks

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Daniel & Patrick are Austrian, Patrick lives in Melbourne though :stuck_out_tongue: