Need help about Pirate Game Mode


i can reach second office but i can’t get third office.6 or below scored games are not profitable in my opinion i need score over 8 for great profit. Any suggestions for pirate game mode?


Get the good combinations


Me too getting stuck in the second office. The biggest problem i find is that DRM ages fast, so i need to make as much hits in a row as possible to get the most profit from currently used system. And this is the hardest part, it think, because investment in the engine should be made to achieve two goals at once:

  • implement DRM,
  • get some potential to innovate with each next game.

Still figuring out an optimal strategy :- |


Yeah same, you need latest drm also new features for getting above 8 at least for making great profit. Otherwise u stuck with your little money and lose slowly.


Yemmit, YES!!1

Well, i’m still full of emotions so i’m not ready to even evaluate what i did and how.
Mojor points though that i’m certainly sure of:

  1. Uncheck Basic sounds and make first games text only to bypass the period of sure no hits.
  2. Only sell 20% of the company. Despite any need of money. As Londo Mollari said in Babylon 5: “Whatever it is - it can’t be that bad!”
  3. Try to float without selling the company as long as possible. Do contracts, don’t be afraid of waiting without games released. Eventually proposals will be around a million or more even in the first office - that’s what helped me to get a financial pillow in the 2nd office while my team was learning how to work with each other.

The second office is a true Hell. I used 8 publishers in a row and aimed only on hits. Got 90k fans - and started to sell hits myself. The most stressful period.
I didn’t hire people with a goal in mind, so at some point i noticed that i can’t make good games in certain genres, so i just focused on Adventures, RPGs and sometimes Actions. There was a Strategy hit though, but that i achieved only because of D/T points and innovations compared to the predecessor game (this was a strategy-sequel).

The third office is a joke after that. The only hard part was when i was in need to innovate but had no research points, could not make an R&D lab, and my games had 5 score. But the fanbase was SO big so it wasn’t a threat at all.


Congratulations, using publishers is indeed key in pirate mode, without it I doubt it you can beat pirate mode.


The hardest thing with publishers is that one should be lucky enough to get a streak of good contracts. I had several playthroughs when publishers required either terrible combinations (like werewolf strategies for gameling), either they required something that should be researched yet - and the timing of researches of mine was terrible as well, because i often found that the contracts i was preparing my team for were no longer availiable.

I don’t see much freedom for a mistake in the 2nd office.


And… i can’t repeat this.
Something i did so the proposals got to 1M+, though i don’t remember what. Was it a streak of hits with high sales? Was it a series of sell-buyback? It happened, but now without it i don’t get past the first office safely :slight_smile: