My Suggestions for Game Dev Tycoon

Hi, I played the game for a quick amount of time (not quite done yet, but at least close to that), so here are some ideas I had while playing.

• Custom logos for your company.

• Dissolve the “Sports” category into different sports (such as Soccer, Basketball, Football, Boxing and etc)

• New Searches like “Camera Enhancement” (for graphics) and “Script” (Evolve from Base Script to Mono Script, Advanced Script, etc.) to “History and Missions”

• Bug Fixes search that would decrease your chances of getting bugs between games.

• Arcade console at the beginning of the game

• Add Plugin and Flash games

• Add free games or set their price (will vary based on the expectation or critique of the game)

• Add game difficulty (Very Easy - Master)

• Add Sandbox Mode (Achievements will not be enabled)

• New Genres like “Sandbox”, “MMORPG” (Unlocked with “Multiplayer” search and one search only), “FPS” and “Platform”

• VR Console

• Have sponsorship / merchandising within your game

• Be able to perform “surprises” by inserting reduced graphics at a certain point in the game (like Minecraft). Of course if this pattern were repeated more than once, the results would not work.

• Secret Achievements

• New Game Types, such as:

  • Space Exploration
  • Beach
  • Dark
  • Pocket Monsters
  • Vikings
  • Dinosaurs
  • Robots
  • Engineering
  • Library
  • Navy
  • Mercenaria
  • Virtual life
  • Safari
  • Politics
  • World Simulation
  • Killer
  • Cars
  • Fight

• Make certain types of games “out of date” after a certain period and do the same with certain types, but before a certain period.

Although the ideas are not directly implemented in the game, Greenheart does and has done a great job of producing and updating the game. Very good!

That is a decent list.
Since Im hooked on this game again, i mind adding some suggestions:

  • In Configmenu: Add a menu/option to edit some given names.
    I just played a game named „Smartphone Tycoon 2“ on iOS, check that. In their config, i was able to edit „Samsong“ or „grApple“ to what I like, which doesnt get the publisher into legal stuff, and I can emmerse more into the game, on Consolenames, or E3.

  • More variety on review text: Im a random-text-guy, and when I got a glimpse on Applescript or Javascript, all I could do was string modifications to create silly texts.
    I would like them to add more strings, even if that means more translation work.
    Fun fact: On a german website I watched an AI writing madeup soccer reviews in much detail. The future could hold some deep faked reviews here.

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Yo podria añadir mas diseños de consolas y mas personalizacion
-como hacer como juegos exclusivos antes que salga la consola
-Añadir perifericos
-Posibilidad de crear consolas portatiles
-Añadir características
-Crear Revisiones
-Que cada vez que saquen una consola podamos decidir si continuar vendiendo la consola o no
-Añadir servicios y decidir cuando cerrarlo para tal consolas

También quiero que añadan esto
-En los MMO Añadir como micropagos o hacerlo gratiuto ademas que si quiere hacerlo gratis con no se anuncios
-Añadir mas plataformas y que añadan Exista tambien la grMac

Y esas son mis sugerencias :wink: