My small project - Hardware Tycoon

Some random day I started up Construct 2 to make a game similar to GDT but with hardware. I wasn’t expecting to get so far with it (although it’s still far from finished), but here it is - a playable version of Hardware Tycoon.

That wouldn’t have happened without @iSenzo - ty for the art and stuff, fam.
Right now you can develop, distribute and research features for processors, but much more is planned.

I want to hear your feedback and ideas, so check it out!
Game Jolt

and pls gib moni for future updates xddd


Looks pretty nice.

Looks nice so far, keep the updates coming :slight_smile:

I tried the game, some controls are not responding. I can’t type my CEO name or company name without clicking on the textbox 10 times.

uh well you seem to be the only person with this kind of issue, it doesn’t work bad for me even on mobile. Try closing your tabs and pausing your porn in background kappa.

Well, it didn’t help, but thanks anyway.

Stop using Internet Explorer then :joy::ok_hand::eggplant:

I used Google Chrome this time and it worked.

Well I’m glad that it works. What browser were you using before?

Microsoft Edge. When Windows 10 was available for download I had some problems with Google Chrome so I kept using Microsoft Edge for a long time, Microsoft fixed it after a week or so. So now I use chrome to watch videos (I have AdBlock) and it’s not my main browser because I already stored all my favorites on Microsoft Edge.

Looks good!

Looks very very good!


This first version seem to be very promising. With all the added features you have in mind, I cant wait for the finished game. I know it’ll be great.

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope so too!

good job @Haxor


ty fam, finally getting a praise :smile: Now I can show it to my mom when she says I spend too much time on the computer


Its really good, and its not even finished yet. I wish you luck :wink:

Thanks! I hope it can live up to your expectations