My new style of making platform images


Today, for the first time I ran Adobe Illustrator, played around, acquainted the basics and I decided that I would do a platform for test, so I chose the PS4, the result is below.
NOTE: There’s no CD and USB. It’s only test ^^
Photoshop + Illustrator =

From this place, I would like to greet:

  • @Haxor for being good friend and programmer,
  • @Gamingthrou for believeth on me of good graphic designer,
  • @supersamuel for choosing me for graphics creator for his mod and being good “virtual” friend,
  • TimeZoneStudios Team (current and former members),
  • …and you…

Hope you like it.
I’m still improving and I’m still learning.


My new style of making platform images v2

Thanks man! You’re a good “virtual” friend too!


that looks great!


Like farmer :stuck_out_tongue:
8 Likes already, lolz


Shouldnt this be this

and 10 likes already! :smiley:


Nope, why should be it?


He probably thought you only went by your username


true (sorry for off-topic)


Looks sweet


I’m surprised people still remember TZS


What’s that anyway…?


My modding team


I had no idea about it.


i cri evryteim


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Good job but there is a copyrighted logo right in the middle left of the picture.Its the PlayStation logo remove it or copyright!