My New Game Idea

Hey, Everyone! I decided to share my game idea for greenheart games.

I loved Game Dev Tycoon, it was very well put together. So after playing the game for 2 weeks in a row without stopping (of course I went to bed) I got an idea for a game that maybe they could work on.

The Title? Movie Dev Tycoon. Yes, a movie developing game. It will be sort of simmilar to Game Dev Tycoon, in which they have to hire staff, but in this they have to hire Directors and Actors. They have to make the movie quality better overtime just like the game in game dev tycoon. However, I believe to add competition there has to be an award ceremony. Maybe sort of imply the Info Stat Mod & Competitors Mod (those enchanced my experience during GDT) to make it seem more realistic. You could keep the Genre & Topic matching because that would still fit, all you have to do is change some like (Strategy, Simulation, RPG and Adventure) but you can most likely keep Action and Casual, but have Casual be available to research later on like GDT. Maybe others can think of more topics to replace the others. I don’t know, I thought this would be a good idea. Please tell me suggestions.

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i also think the same thing!

Biznes Filmowy 2. (this game exist)

Maybe instead dialogues and world design and sound and AI and so on there would be Script Casting stage/set directing special effects cgi and so on. Also There could Oswalds (Oscars). and you could make movies based off of books. you could collaborate with big movie companies (publishing deals). Marketing tv ads movie theater ads product endorsement/ like action figures and and shirts and even cups. you could get an opportunity to do a product placemen tlike in gdt with the red exploding barrels. and you can hire actors and youre the director and when you start out you have like and award winning movie at some film festival you just decided to make for fun with your friends. But the prize for winning was a deal where you gotr money to start a movie production studio and you try to make it big all throughout the 80s 90s 00s 10s and beyond. Great idea CaptainKurl

Ummm The Game already exists - ish. It is being developed already.

There are SOME alternatives which are kinda like what you want, but not exactly in GDT style.

But it’s a really bad game.