MY mod for GDT morestuffexpansionpack


My new mod:

Fixed link:!uapjRYgT!YIA6PPe7lDyiRvjLlLONMA

You cant switch time with Kristof Cheat mod it will break the mod.

Currently trying to fix the bug not being able to advance to the final office.

My mod morestuffexpansionpack adds topics,platforms and new research.

No images available.

Must have ultimatelib

0.0.3 update 10/27/18: added new consoles and fixed event timing.

0.0.4 update 11/8/18: Added more topics but not alot.

1.0.0 Skipped Beta and Finished alpha now a full on mod! Added: more topics (Again) and more research options. The link at the top.

When is the next mod Spotlight?

please reply if you downloaded :slight_smile:


File is not not avaible to download


The link. Here:!uDJmQAwa!YtxkpHfisZ59siQMi3Yo7Bjo8fbFUrO-Jysl56WscZc


Still not available…


Ok ill fix it tomarrow im tired so wait till about 7pm tomarrow

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Here, sorry its so late:!uapjRYgT!YIA6PPe7lDyiRvjLlLONMA