My game has this error and wont stop!


So I modded my game on steam and it worked the first day but the next day i got a bug and i uninstalled all my mods and deleted and re installed the game 5 times but the bug (or something like a uncought error) keeps coming back. It looks like this:

Error Could not initialize loaded game: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of null If the issue persists please report this error to

Enabled Mods:

No mods activated.
Game Version: 1.5.23

Platform: Windows

Distribution: Steam

So yeah please help.


It was probably corrupted when using the mods. If it’s already been corrupted, removing mods will do nothing. Did you use any mods that require UltimateLib?


Yes and i did use ultimate lib. how do i uncorrupt it.


Just letting you know that UltimateLib is way out-of-date. I’ve never had a problem with my GDT saves being corrupted, so I’m not the guy to ask.




thx for letting me know and i figured out how to uncorupt the file. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid to tell you that–at least in my experience–once something is corrupted there is usually no way around it. For future reference, check this out. :smile:


Cool, congratz! :smile:


do you happen to know a mod that is like the same as ultimate lib so i can use my mods again?


Currently, no. Though, I do believe someone is developing one at the moment.


The mods can just die the hell out of your game.
Reinstalling it should work.

Yes I know it’s solved


When that new thing will be developed can you let me know?


Sure thing. :smile: