My game for my own console was sold more often than the console itself

My console: 8.8M Units
My game for that Console: 11.4M Units

can’t see why developers always cry about piracy. Just make games so good that people will buy it twice :wink:

I have this bug too.
I had my second expension out at this time and 36,8M sold units with only 8,8M sold consoles.

i envy you… i cant sell “Biiip” here, no matter what genre i pick.

but that raises some more questions.
my console has a market share of 16%. higher than any other console.
that should make sells beyond 8 million impossible through the entire game.
OK at the beginning the G64 has a market share over 50%, but i think 50% share of the gaming market in the 80’s is less than 16% of todays market.

the numbers just don’t add up

This topic has already come up several times in the game balance mega thread here.

now my game has sold 7 Billion copies.
that’s not only more than there are consoles, it also exceed the population of the planet

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