My First Games (Warning, shitty games)


Hey guys, I’m finally working on learning Unity, I just wanna let you guys know I have an page to find shitty games on:


Be sure to check it out guys, thanks in advance!

  • JustMaffie


“Finally learning Unity”

I do not have any obligation to this phrase, but my father once told me that starting C# will just kill me.


C++ is fine, also for Unity you need C# not C++


I just do not understand why are there different types of C’s

C, C#, C++


Trust me, I know both C++ and C#, and there is a boatload of difference


Well your choice, your opinion, I would honestly start with Python.


I know Python, I know so many different languages, and trust me, making a game in Python is harder than Unity


Well alright then.


I think one can also creates a game by using simply python and java.
C is very limited.