My experience with pirate mode


So, Pirate Mode, the new beta gamemode, I think its a great idea, while it adds a challenge, a lot of people find it a little bit too hard, which I understand, at first I was scared to try it out, but I was like why not, so, I went ahead and tried it, currently my company is doing really well, however there are a few things I think should be changed.

  1. Copy Protection, you don’t get much XP from it at level 2, I think you should receive more XP for the copy protection, that way your copy protection doesn’t get too outdated to where you can barely make money.
  2. You should unlock copy protection v1 without any engine, otherwise you can barely even make 3 games before going bankrupt.

I think pirate mode is fun while adding quite a challenge, its very hard at the beginning, but once you get to level 2 it gets easier seeing as you unlock publishers.
In pirate mode, use publishers until you reach 100k fans, and still a little after that, they can get you a ton of fans and money which is important.


Yay I beat it with a 40 million score, I’ve had a higher score before but I’d say thats pretty impressive for pirate mode, at the beginning it was a real challenge, but once I got to level 2 it got so much easier.


Do you have any tips for surviving the first level? I’m having a hard time.


Don’t make games good, do text based stuff, sell shares when u get the offer to get through it, thats all I have to recommend rn


Ok, thanks, I appreciate it.


Personally I found Pirate mode to be a bit too easy. Just played the game as I normally would, but only ever upgraded my engine when a new copy protection became available. If anything, I just spent longer on the beginning 2 phases of the game. Left the garage with about 4M, left the middle phase at about 25M. In the last phase I’ve hardly noticed a difference between pirate mode and normal gameplay, I kinda wish they somehow made it more challenging late game, and less time consuming early game.

Also, I totally agree with your point about publishers. In normal games I mostly ignore them completely but in pirate mode they are definitely necessary to build a large fan base.

EDIT: Also I just realized I bumped a dead thread. My bad.


I agree with the changes you suggested, the beginning of the game is a little too rough and is almost entirely impossible without selling shares immediately, which I don’t want to do.