My Apology For Pirating The Game


I am not gonna beat around the bush, I pirated this game twice on two different computers. The first time I did it when I was younger. I couldn’t afford this game even if it was 8 dollars. I shouldn’t have done it. I had pirated a multitude of other games as well, while at the same time, slowly destroying my computers integrity. The second time was pure desperation. The same situation, except this time I was older about 15 years old and I still did it. I was that stubborn that I still had pirated other games as well. I believe the site was called IGG Games and somehow I had convinced myself that I wasn’t pirating, but rather just taking something that was “free.” I thought if I were caught “somehow” I wouldn’t be prosecuted. I was probably wrong about that and also abusing the legal system was apparently something I was interested in. I bought the game eventually but I run it on my laptop that’s definitely not designed to handle heavy loads. My laptop is designed to browse the web and not much. Anyway, I am sorry for pirating the game twice, it wasn’t right at all.


Thanks for your support :green_heart: