Multiple Game Question

I couldn’t find an answer to this searching, but I have a question: why is it that when you have a game still on the market and you release another it seems to knock the first game off the market soon after?

Maybe it is my style of play, maybe it is a concidence, but I can’t keep multiple games on the market! IRL this doesn’t happen. There are many developers with multiple games. So is there a link?

As a side question: will there be a Game Dev 2? I like this game quite a bit, but I would LOVE to have more options. For example, i am pretty sure that the player’s games don’t really impact the success of a game platform. That is a major advantage of the old Game Biz 2 and 3. If you’re pumping out a bunch of 9+ games on any platform then people will buy that platform. Consequently, the player should have an effect, right? Im pretty sure we don’t though.

Is this board dead? I’m surprised more questions don’t see an answer or get people talking. It is a shame as this is a nice game.

question 1: because we all want try new things and when something new comes related to a first part we for sure check out the second part. Moreover many games are made as protype to see the response of the user to that game , if it gets good response they make a new one based on the prototype but better.
question 2: Not sure
question 3: There is on steam


Hi Dave, thanks for the response. I think maybe my initial question came across differently than I meant it. I’m not talking about sequels or anything like that. What I am asking is why it seems like you can only have one game on the market at a time. I understand that people want to try newer games, the sales will dip or even evaporate if a sequel comes along, but a large publisher in say 1985 almost never had only a single game available. For example, SSI had dozens of games available for 5-10 different machines back then. It isn’t like they released a game and everyone stopped buying the other games in their catalog.

On this game, however, it seems like the moment you release a second title the one currently on the market gets removed from sale. I’ve even tried running development constantly for awhile and I don’t think I ever had more than two games available and invariably whatever was released earlier gets pulled within a month, maybe less. But I don’t see any reason why say an RPG for the C64 would knock an action title for DOS off the market. See what I mean?

I will definitely check steam, thanks! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it, but that’s an excellent idea.


To resume your first questions, new things often makes us forget about old things :slight_smile:

TweakBox Tutuapp

What is on steam?

Okay. About the 1st bit.
Making games takes time. And somehow, you made a game while another was on the market. We all do that. Maybe you make an AAA game then immediately got to work on an AAA game. That isn’t a coincidence, it’s just how time works.
And about the sequel to game dev tycoon- Greenheart are working on a second, unrelated game called Tavern Keeper. It’s in early, internal alpha at the moment.