Moving out from the garage (is it actually worth it?)


I have played this game with a few save files, and every time I move to the technology park, I seem to lose most of my revenue… I managed to sell loads of 9 rated games while I was in the garage and made over 5 m, but every time I move out, I just can’t seem to generate the same success I did. Even “recreating” games that I did, while using a better game engine, still results in a 6 or 7 rating. only few of my games actually sells nicely.

Also, is it worth it to have a second employee? I know it is needed for medium games to be produced well, but is the wage really worth the revenue?


Definitely worth it. I’ve restarted a few times, and what I’ve found is if I move at 3mil, then it gives me enough cash to hire 2 employees, research 3D graphics and whatever I can, make an engine, then release 2-4 “mediocre” games.
I don’t really start raking in the cash until I have all four employees properly settled, and we make a good game. Until then, its just about attrition - researching what you can, not making new engines too often, and making more games to keep the cash up.


Stage two is all about the slow grind through publishing contracts until you’ve reached +100K fans and had time to really research a top engine. Think about the context, your hit games in the garage were good for that era, but by the time you move to stage 2, the console wars are in full swing, and newer systems and PC models are outstripping the tech you designed for. You’ve very little chance to maintaining profit and make big games if you stay in the garage and develop short, unpolished games yourself. The industry irl abandoned the devs that never kept up with the times, and the industry in this game will do the same. You watch, once you’ve cracked Stage 2 you can get excess of 60-80 million if you’re lucky and plan enough.


I am 12 years into the game and I am still in the garage. I have 22.7M and haven’t created a single engine. I only develop for the PC and I research everything except the game engine.

Trying new builds in this game but I am surprised Graphics V1 still can create 10 games so late in the game. Bug?


is it the 3d graphics v1?

I have tried creating games using that and they all fail ._.


Again, are they self funded or are they a part of a publishing deal? The game goes so far as to tell you that publishing deals are the main thing to focus on when getting started in the office. So long as you don’t pick a dud combo (mature virtual pet adventure for the gameling with an expected score of 7 may sound cool, but there is so much wrong with that combo in this game I couldn’t even begin to describe). The profit from the publishing games keeps you afloat, but you aren’t grinding for profit at this point, you’re grinding for development points, research points and fan support. Take a break after each publishing deal, make a small game that won’t damage you financially and research engine and if possible train your staff in tech or design. Rinse and repeat until you have a real fanbase.


2D Graphics V1

The one that you start with.

Also RedSoul has a point. You want to use publishing deals on known good combos until you have about 150k fans. Then you can ditch them because the amount of game sales will skyrocket.

I have 50k fans without any publishing deals. I cannot get them yet because I am still in the garage. Hopefully I can hit 100 million today.


Basicly i leave the garage after my second hit, which brings me in the range of 2-3 Million. That is enough money to scout 2 good employees and starting to make medium games.
In my current game i left the garage in year 3, still on my first basic engine.

I can expect around 1 Million from medium games, even if they are not that good (7-8 range) and made via a publisher. Publisher deals are all about building my fanbase, the money is just a nice bonus to keep me running.
But the second stage not only unlocks staff and medium games (and later large games) it also unlocks training. Which makes the real difference in my opinion.

Skill seems more important than technology, so while you shouldn’t move out of the garage too early (if you have just 1 Mill), it’s better to leave it as soon as viable. I find the 3 Mill a good landmark, easy to reach with 2 hits and is enough to get the medium games going - after that money ceases to be a problem for a while :slight_smile:


I left the garage after my biggest hit, Pocket Monsters, Generating over 5 million and getting a 10:10:10:9 Rating. I left pretty confidently, hired only one employee, invested in a really good $500K engine and ended up selling to Electronic Mass productions a couple of sequels later, I don’t think it’s worth it until you have a bout 10 Million and know how to get a good game every try.


Do not move out of the garage the first time they ask you unless you are loaded. I usually move out around 3.5M-5M and usually survive the second office. If you move out with only like 1.2M you will probably die from the expenditures unless you can release some real platinum hits (consistently 8s and 9s). I would also recommend playing the first 2 or 3 years in the tech park very conservatively. Only hire when you must, do not spend 1.5M on the big booth in the first G3. Slowly begin expanding from there.


It’s better to stay until Year 5 or 6 and 15-20 million dollars.

You might think it’s better to jump over in early year 3. That might get you more fans but in terms of high score, the extra top hits you’ll make in the garage count for more.

The big office doesn’t appear until y13m9w2 anyway.


That can work too but your expansion is a little too stymied by year 6. If you can rack up 10 Mil in your first couple of years that is probably a sign you can leave. By year 5 you are either doomed or haven’t left soon enough.