Movie Studio Tycoon!

Link to Movie Studio Tycoon, an in-development game.

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I expect great ergonomics.

Damn, you edited it.

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lol, it’s still in development, there’s also another game:
this looks pretty damn good so far

I don’t like the game’s aesthetic or style. It seems so bland.

It’s literally a GUI on some backdrops.

Very similar to GDT, but GDT seems more involved than this game.

GDT has constantly updating sprites (well they’re just repeating animations but you get what I mean). This ‘Move Studio Tycoon [sic]’ is just a boring pre-rendered piece of background.

Yeah, just seems like it’ll get a little dull after a while.

play the movies
that was my vote for game of the year)

Actually this game looked like a GDT Ripoff but they reworked the entire game,

Looks interesting, but I think it’s safe to say that Game Dev Tycoon is responsible for various simulation staples.

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Yes that’s true.