More Research Mod


Hey, I love mods, its great to use mods, but, personally I dislike modded topics/consoles, topics only because I can’t use guides anymore then.
Mods adding researches are great, but I just can’t find mods that only add researches, so I decided to combine 6 mods partially into 1, I merged all of the research additions into 1 mod.

If you want to check it out please go to the steam workshop
Suggestions for research/requests to merge a mod into this mod can be DMmed or left as comments here.


This mod will stay focussed on research only, any other additions/features may be added by a different mod made by me.


For those who are non-steam users.

P.S. JM, are most mods are created using UME? There are just some mods that I wish to remove the Topics and Platforms. Which i do have my reason.


And if you want me to merge more mods into this mod just DM me mod links or leave em in here.


Ultimate Mod Editor

I could contribute to helping you test some mods, I mean I have patience with reinstalling all the time.


I don’t use ultimate mod editor, I really don’t need testers, just suggestions for researches


Ah, I see, Nearly everyone from this forum used to have UME to make Mods back then, only a few people seem to do the impossible from UME, take for example GDTMP, or that I believe it was.
Which I wish JetFox still had his server up and running ;_;

Even so, could I still contribute to helping you with merging?


Well, you could contribute directly to the code if you know JavaScript


Oh, JavaScript? I didn’t even touch JS. Oh well.


Maybe you could join the /r/GDT subreddit Discord, that would be an easier way of communicating.


I mean, I would love to, I just have nothing else to do.
Besides, /r/GDT seems to be set to private. Names soniczcat on reddit.




Ah Ok, Guess I wasn’t paying attention the second time.