More Ideas for GDT

I have multiple Ideas for GDT.

  1. More console types to make, and maybe add the option for portable consoles
  2. Maybe add the option to make your own phones or tablet
  3. Add the ability to make a custom logo for your business
  4. Maybe add mods to mobile
  5. The GrPhone/GrPad should improve as time goes on, kinda like the PC
  6. Add “prequels” to the game, so you can make a main game, a sequel, or a prequel
  7. Add the option to make a game that combines all the previous game, like the 25th anniversary of Mario.
    Hopefully you add some of my ideas, or put it in GDT2 if you make it.

I really like these Ideas, especially the prequels one!
to expand about some other ideas, I really wanna have a “secret game”. Something just like the upcoming “cyberpunk 2077”
we barely know anything about it, but most of us are hyped for it!!
so in Game Dev Tycoon, I usually dont like it when the hype meter goes up although i just started working on a new title and never exposed to the public.

Also, I would love to have teams instead of employees. Each team may consist of 5 developers, and will be specialized in one area (like graphics/gameplay)
Small/Medium games can be developed by one team only, leaving the rest working on another title or making expansion for MMO. However, if producing large or AAA games, it would require the full house to work on it, each with its specialty to contribute on.
The employees will not be promoted to have a specialty. instead, they are placed into the desired team based on their skills (more towards design or tech).

Finally, upon reaching year 20 or so, the player is quite happy with the 6 that he/she has hired. And they are not required to rehire/retrain anyone after that. I would really like some more micro management with the employees, if their tiredness goes below 50%, they might quit or file a complaint to the company.

I have around 90 hours on this game, and its really fun to go through it all again and again… but upon reaching end game, its kinda tiring to start all over XD