Mods won't redownload from the workshop & Error: ENOENT


So I used to play this game on an older system, now I installed steam and downloaded the game on a new pc, problem is mods don’t get properly installed/recognized even if i unsubscribe/resubscribe to them (steam does show that it has downloaded the mods) and reinstall the game entirely.

Mods on steam not updating

Could you try creating the folder it says doesn’t exist manually?


That seems to have removed the error, but subscribed mods still don’t download/show up in the Mods page (the mods_ws folder remains empty)


Mayby just reinstall game (make sure to clean all files on disk)


it was a clean install and i already tried reinstalling it. No luck.

Edit: I updated Air for Steam and restarted steam, uninstalled the game again and reinstalled and now it works without any problems.