Mods in the Works


I am starting to make gdt mods and these are a couple mod ideas I have, If you like them please tell me and if you’d like something changed or someone else already made a mod like that tell me.

Arcade Plaforms, this is an idea I had for the game for the longest time, being able to make arcade boards that have high developer costs(between 70k-200k) and possibly low and higher tech variants that never go off the market(like pc), but drops in market share drastically a few months after the TES gets released.

Bad Combinations can still work, Allows you, if you have a great game made except the topic/genre combo you can still make a good game, even if it is terrible it would act as ++ for the sake of that game, to remove a bit of the arbitrary combos the game has.

Legendary combinations, Things like virtual pet rpg on the gameling would give you higher reviews and more people buying and more money, other such things would be like sci-fi action mature on the mbox and time travel rpg on the snes and so on

Extra Stuff, all the consoles irl, reworked dates for consoles, more topics like psychic and other topics that should be in the game like platformer. Also adding in a couple more research things like micro-transactions(engine/gameplay(maybe)) that give you more money and a new platform Browser Based Games(when I get better at modding I will do some cool things with this) and just more