Modern Game Dev Tycoon

How to modernize Game Dev Tycoon:

Replace the entire game with a message that reads: “kk go get a bunch of capital, make a game, and sell it. Post on the forums if you manage to make millions, so as to /stroke your /epeen.”

About slowing the game and consoles with short life span, it’s not a matter of opinion, it’s pure simple math and decide if the GAME TIME duration to make games should be shorten more.

I won’t use real game time examples but for example, dev a small game requires 6 months, GAME TIME not real time. It’s already a bit unrealistic and a too short time. So the game real time is slow down. It won’t change that the GAME TIME to make a small game should requires 6 months. Now apply this to bigger games, a medium game requires 1 year GAME TIME, you slow down the game but this game time won’t change or will be too far from reality.

Now you take a console that last 5 years at best you’ll have the time to release 2 perhaps 3 games on it and less for bigger games. Slow down the game real time won’t change this. Consoles with short life span will still be pointless for the real gameplay. Slow down the game change nothing to this problem.

The only way to change this is to use fake longer consoles life span or shorter (unrealistic) GAME TIME duration to make games like few months for big games.

I think we should make a huge compilation of ideas and suggestions because a lot of them are they same for everyone.

This will be easier to check for the devs, maybe they will implement some mentioned features.

Fixed that for you.

Well looking back, it seems I did list a half of them indirectly.

The ability to use research in one way or another to unlock all the platform/topic matches was one idea. I say I find that irritating because when I pass Y35 I end up making a lot of small games to try to unlock all of them. I’m not sure exactly how many topics there are, but lets say 30 since it seems like there are many more than that, and this would be 10 rows x 3 columns. Then you have 6 Genres, so there are at least 180 matches, and you have to make at least that many games to unlock them. (I say at least because it does not always unlock information you need/want when you do a game report) That isn’t difficult at all, just takes a long time. I find that irritating, especially since there are some topics that I haven’t unlocked any of the target audience matches for even though I have made several games in that topic.

Another was the MMO fees, which you covered in the beginning and I agreed with already.

A few more were related to the custom consoles. First related to the idea above, that the platform matches for your own platform should be unlocked to begin with or as something you can research without making games for it. By the time I figure out what Genres and Audience’s work well for it, it is no longer profitable and I have to take it off the market.
The second one carries on that thought, that the repair/maintenance for you platform should be lower. I always put in the max 30M for the QA department to make sure it is high quality, but it still costs about half a million a month to fix the broken ones. Why is it so high?? I shudder to think how much it would be if you did not put a lot of money into Quality Assurance.
A third idea for the consoles is to have a “Console History” screen like you have for the games. Then I would know if I’m even making any money off of the ones I make. It doesn’t seem like I am when I put over 100M into starting the construction, 3M a month for several months to design/build it, + the half million a month to maintain the one’s I sold.

Have workers gain skill points when they gain a level. If you have to pay them more, their tech/ design should go up too, right?

Then a tweak to the marketing options. It seems like they add a set amount of hype whether you do them at the end of the games production or anytime earlier. The tutorial claims the effect will vary and that you have to experiment with them to find what works best. (Which supports your belief that figuring out what matches what is the foundation of the game, I think) However my main point is that the most expensive Large Campaign only seems to double the hype of the cheapest Magazine Campaign. Maybe I just haven’t experimented enough with it, but the large one never seems to add more than 50 Hype. (It is difficult to tell sometimes since I’m getting hype from the annual G3 booth and interviews.)

Then I had a question rather than an idea: What does the Custom Hardware do? I didn’t take the time to see if it raises the price per unit sold on your MMO games, but it does not show up on sales so that and extra Hype are the only two things I can think of that it would do.

As for your ideas being “just simple” ones from a fellow player that may or not make it; I know. If my earlier post sounded like I thought you were demanding them or being rude or bossy in any way then I apologize. Not my intent!

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Very nice ideas. No, I do not take any offense. I try to view posts in as light a sense I can, being that I do not necessarily know the tone or who it is that is posting.

Glad you came back to mention that though as well as post your ideas!

As [quote=“laczko_istvan, post:24, topic:7530, full:true”]
I think we should make a huge compilation of ideas and suggestions because a lot of them are they same for everyone.

This will be easier to check for the devs, maybe they will implement some mentioned features.

(Shout out to @laczko_istvan, great idea!)

@RealKleiner thank you for the specificity. I only worded it as PC, Mac, & Linux as we do not see an operating system in the game, we only see the hardware.

Love to read the comments, support, opinions & everyone’s own ideas! Keep 'em coming!

[quote=“Shade, post:1, topic:7530, full:true”]

Sponsors: Tying into the Title Rights, there should be sponsors with an actual name and goal. Example: Movie of The Amazing Spider-Man comes out, asks company to make a game based on the Movie (falls under superhero/adventure-action category etc)

[/quote]Just to add to this, it could also be the other way around, getting offers from film producers who want to buy rights to make a film from a successful game, although this might have to be restricted to certain topics/genres, as I can’t really imagine a one being based on a casual virtual pet game for the Gameling (then again, everything’s possible).

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Very simplistic graphics again, but this is a solid game dev sim. This one has a little more micromanaging than Game Dev Story, but I found that aspect to be quite fun. You can develop multiple games at a time (though I forget if you can make consoles or not).

If you really like micromanaging, another good game is Mad Games Tycoon.

MGT starts relatively simple, but eventually you’re making/selling consoles, you have like, 40 employees, you’re making games, you’re creating copies of games, and you’re the publisher which means you’re the one selling as well. Usually those things are automatic in game dev sims, but in MGT, you get to control that aspect. You don’t have to, but if you do it right, you can make a lot more money.