Mod Request for Steam Workshop


Hi guys. its my first day here.
And i need a mod request for steam. I completed this game legit once but now i want to try completing it with mods so it can be more fun for me. For a list of things i want for a mod here it is

R&D Lab

  1. Company Website
  2. Steam/Grid Workshop


  1. Auto Save Game
  2. Advanced Terrain
  3. Detailed Game Map
  4. Maximum Gaming Experience
  5. Boss Levels
  6. Live Stream Support
  7. Advanced HD Graphics
  8. Realistic HD Particles
  9. Online Splitscreen
  10. Online Trading System
  11. Advanced Character Animation
  12. Detailed Characters
  13. Animal/Creature AI
  14. Boss Fight AI
  15. Realistic Weather
  16. Advanced NPC AI
  17. Advanced Control Mechanics
  18. Advanced Game Logic
  19. Dynamic Shadows
  20. Advanced Animation Tools
  21. Advanced NPC And Player Animations
  22. Realistic Material Editor
  23. Dynamic sounds
  24. Realistic Fire And Water
  25. Map-logic scripting
  26. Advanced Color Grading Controls
  27. Ragdoll Animation Physics
  28. Motion Graphics UI
  29. Advanced Texture Editor
  30. Online Chat System


Ninvento Switch
mBox one R (Xbox One S Inspired)
Playsystem 4 Pro
Vena Saturn
Playsystem X (PSX Inspired)
Gameling Boy Advanced

If anyone can make this mod and put it on steam workshop with it fully working thank you!


Or you could just install bunch of mods and be done for it, just saying.


That is not helping cause i waited A LONG TIME FOR A REPLY.




D bag of the year goes to…


PS4 Pro and Xbox one S shouldn’t be stand-alone consoles in this game, they use normal PS4 and Xbox one discs, just like the slim versions of consoles, the 2ds, the dsi and so on.

edit: Researched the PSX and it doesn’t seem like its own platform, that and it was only released in Japan.


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I could make this mod.