Mod Idea That Would Shake Up the Game in a Major Way


I think a lot of people feel this way, there is so many topic mods! They are great and cool the first time but when all the new mods are Extra Topics it gets very boring. But what about new genres? Including Multi-Genre there is SO many capabilities for a mod like this. I will give some quick examples.

New Genres:

Visual Novel / Interactive Movie (name pending lol)

examples with these new genre ideas:

Ninvento / Platformer (+++)
mBox / Sandbox (+++)
PC / VN/IM (+++)
Playsystem / VN/IM (++)
PC / Sandbox (++)
Ninvento / Sandbox (++)
Ninvento / VN/IM (—)
mBox / Platformer (-)
mBox / VN/IM (++)
Playsystem / Platformer (—)
Playsystem / Sandbox (+++)
PC / Platformer (++)

Topic and Genre mixes

Construction + Sandbox (+++) Minecraft
Wild West + Sandbox (+++) Red Dead Redemption
Game Dev + Sandbox (—) ???lol

Fantasy + Platformer (+++) like all the good ones (mario, sonic, rayman, etc.)
Medieval + Platformer (++) Shovel Knight
Vampire + Platformer (+++) Castlevania

School + VN/IM (+++) DDLC
Zombies + VN/IM (+++) The Walking Dead
Space + VN/IM (+++) Mass Effect

Hopefully a modder out there is inspired by this and if there is already up to date mod about this please send me it!