Mod for mobile version (Android,IOS) (?)


This is my first post in this forum.
I just want to know. Will there be a mod pack for mobile version just like the Pc version ?? Especially for Android.

Android ideas mod

Sadly I doubt it, from my point of view, as a mod developer, it looks incredibly hard to code for both iOS and Android, it would also be very hard to distribute mods.


I see… That’s unfortunate. But i understand why it’s hard to made a mod for Mobile version.

Thanks for the answer


It’s possibly coded differently but…

I have heard people were able to get the Cleo [Basicily GDT-API] to be running the Mobile version of San Andreas, thus supporting mods to it.


Although we can develop for IOS and Android the issue is distribution and legal issues concerning both stores. It would put more cost and liability on the app distributors, Greenheart Games in this case. Also it would be very costly to develop mods for the modders, as they would need 2 code bases if they do it native, if there aren’t API’s…


I do not see the concern with the legal issues since Mobile market is just Copy&Paste With Art being changed a little

If similarities is a problem, then how come I am seeing stolen movies with only the title being changed (let’s do not forget the terrible Special Effects they add) on youtube? Thus, able to run away.

Although I have heard that you would need to pay something to make the app appear in their store? Correct me if not.


I gotta agree with @anon20832479 here. It really is a more dire problem than legal concerns about what mods are used or not, when plagiarists keep selling their own carbon copies on the worldwide mobile market.

With that said, it really does depend on how this port was made. Let’s talk a bit about beamdog’s work on reviving the old CRPG Dungeons and Dragons titles, like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, etc. All of them are made with an upgraded version of the old engine, while enhancing it with features that let it run on mobile devices. Ah, and it does not end there. They made it so all versions of their games run the same code, with the same modability. And running on the same netcode to run online multiplayer (in the case of Icewind Dale).

OK, maybe it isn’t fair to compare them with how this game might’ve been made. But I’d really would not like to put words in greenheart’s mouths about what is and isn’t supported until we see/hear an official statement on the matter. As I really like to know if the smartphone version of Game Dev Tycoon can be modded, as well.